1) N-PROPER In some religions, heaven is said to be the place where God lives, where good people go when they die, and where everyone is always happy. It is usually imagined as being high up in the sky.

I believed that when I died I would go to heaven and see God.

2) N-UNCOUNT You can use heaven to refer to a place or situation that you like very much. [INFORMAL]

We went touring in Wales and Ireland. It was heaven...

I was in cinematic heaven.

3) N-PLURAL: the N The heavens are the sky. [OLD-FASHIONED]

He walked out into the middle of the road, looking up at the heavens.

...a detailed map of the heavens.

sky, skies
4) See also seventh heaven
5) PHRASE: PHR that (emphasis) You say `Heaven forbid!' to emphasize that you very much hope that something will not happen. [SPOKEN]

Heaven forbid that he should leave because of me!

6) EXCLAM (feelings) You say `Good heavens!' or `Heavens!' to express surprise or to emphasize that you agree or disagree with someone. [SPOKEN]

Good Heavens! That explains a lot!...

`I thought you were bringing it.' - `Heavens, no.'

good grief
7) PHRASE: PHR n (disapproval) You say `Heaven help someone' when you are worried that something bad is going to happen to them, often because you disapprove of what they are doing or the way they are behaving. [SPOKEN]

If this makes sense to our leaders, then heaven help us all...

Heaven help the man she marries.

8) PHRASE: PHR wh (emphasis) You can say `Heaven knows' to emphasize that you do not know something, or that you find something very surprising. [SPOKEN]

Heaven knows what they put in it.

9) PHRASE: PHR with cl (emphasis) You can say `Heaven knows' to emphasize something that you feel or believe very strongly. [SPOKEN]

Heaven knows they have enough money...

This gained me some thinking time, and heaven knows I needed it.

10) PHRASE: V inflects, usu PHR to-inf If you move heaven and earth to do something, you try as hard as you can to do it.

They would move heaven and earth to stop me if they could.

11) PHRASE: quest PHR (emphasis) You can use in heaven's name in questions beginning with `what', `when', `who', `why', `when', and `how' to add emphasis in a way that shows that you are very angry or surprised. [SPOKEN]

Where in heaven's name was she?

on earth
12) PHRASE: V inflects If the heavens open, it suddenly starts raining very heavily.

The match had just begun when the heavens opened and play was suspended.

13) for heaven's sakesee sake
thank heavensee thank

English dictionary. 2008.

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